concept for plakative painting

It was about 1990 when the first "Edge Head" learned how to walk and to move.

A painter named ART-UR had developed a new painting-concept: called “ ART-UR’s EDGE HEADS "
A Pop Art-concept, which he had improved and increased over the last 10 years.
The "Edge Heads" acting as "the" running figures through all the paintings. Painted on canvas in acrylics.  
The so-called Edge Head is displayed as a figure, which is very stiff in his gestures and movements.
His “edged” head got him his name.
He has neither a face, eyes, nose nor a mouth - like many people nowadays!   
Also he is shown as indefinable concerning his sex and age. His head always is painted with a black outline -like in Comics.
They are always very curious, looking for some new adventures.
Looking forward and producing a new scenery - always ready to go!
Actively waiting for something NEW!!!  >>in deutsch